Vino Santo



Man, vine, soil, climate. Great wines are born from the complex interplay of this factors. In the Lakes Valley, these elements are the basis of an ancient tradition renewed every year by the passion of the Vignerons: the production of the prized Vino Santo Trentino. To create it the Vignerons pick only the best bunches of Nosiola – a native variety – , produced in some old vineyards placed in specific plots. The bunches are then laid on trellis (“arèle”) and placed on the attics. Constant ventilation is guaranteed throughout the year by the so-called “Ora del Garda”, the characteristic wind blowing from the nearby lake. The drying lasts for more than five or six months, until Holy Week. After pressing the grapes, the natural fermentation begins: due to the very high concentration of sugars, this process lasts for years. After bottling, the life of this wine starts anew and lasts more than fifty years. This wine represents the history of its territory and the memory of the people who live it.

Blend 100% Nosiola
Refinement 6-8 years in steel tanks and wood barrels
Bottle maturation At least 1 year until some decennia
Look Deep amber coloured with gold reflections
Smell Deep, persistent, remembering exotic fruit
Taste Soft, round, very harmonious, intensely structured for the grapes sugar gathered during the drying up period


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