Vino Santo collection 1977/1996



Vino Santo from Valle dei Laghi has an ancient history, a tale of a county where climate and tradition marry and merge in a wine unique in its kind. Vino Santo is produced using only the best bunches of Nosiola, left to dry on traditional trellis (called “arele”) until the spring and finally pressed in the spring during the “Settimana Santa”, the holy week that precedes Easter in the Italian calendar.

Our family has paid tribute to this tradition in early 2018 by bottling twenty vintages who have been maturing in casks for an extended period of time, between twenty and forty years. For each vintage between 1977 and 1996 we commercialized 100 bottles: a limited and unique selection that shows the extraordinary evolution of this sweet raisin wine, born under the mountains of Trentino in the sub-Mediterranean climate of Valle dei Laghi.