San Siro Rosso



Bottle 75 cl.

On the hills above the winery there’s a small Romanesque church dedicated to San Siro, the saint that – according to an ancient hagiographic source – as a boy brought the baskets of bread and fish to Jesus, who then multiplied them. The Pisoni family has been producing this wine for more than a century, with varieties of French origin which, in the mild climate of Valle dei Laghi and in the soils rich in clay of the vineyards of Le Part, have found the perfect context in order to produce grapes that reach the right ripening every year.

Blend 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot
Refinement minimum 12 months in wooden casks
Bottle maturation 6 months
Look ruby
Smell flowery, enwrapping
Taste bold, mellow, rounded


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