Bottle 75 cl.

The child of the genius loci of this land, Rebo is a mix between Merlot and Teroldego, selected at the beginning of the Fifties by Rebo Rigotti, a researcher at the Istituto Agrario of San Michele all’Adige, born and raised in Valle dei Laghi. A true “cultural local”, that for an inevitable destiny has found its ideal habitat in the land that gave birth to its creator, from whom it takes its name. Rebo is a wine of great structure, rich in colour and of sweet tannics, which reunites the kindness of Teroldego to the strenght of Merlot: for its characteristics, it does not fear long aging in the bottle.

Blend 100% Rebo
Refinement 24 months in barrique
Bottle maturation 12 months
Look deep red, ruby
Smell spicy, wild berries
Taste velvety, sour cherry and currants


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