Moscato Sweet



Bottle 75 cl.

Moscato Giallo belongs to the Muscat family, very probably coming from the Oriental Mediterranean Sea and arrived in Italy through the trades of the Venetian merchants. Very different from Moscato Bianco and Moscato di Alessandria, Moscato Giallo is mostly common in Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli: a veriety of premature ripening, in the tradition of Trentino it is proposed as fresh and very perfumed wine, with an aromatic quality that is balanced by a fragrant sapidity and delicate sweetness.

Blend 100% Moscato Yellow
Refinement 3-4 months in steel tanks
Bottle maturation 2-3 months
Look Straw coloured yellow
Smell Particular of this sort
Taste Light sweet , agreeable


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