Bottle 75 cl.

Nosiola is the only indigenous white grapevine in Trentino and its best habitat is in Valle dei Laghi where excellent results are obtained thanks to the afternoon breeze from Lake Garda and the Mediterranean climate. Nosiola vines are still semi-wild (they trail in a bushy way) and therefore difficult to cultivate because they are delicate and susceptible to diseases.
Little appreciated in the past for this reason and for its taste (considered neutral), Nosiola is now living a new “life” thanks to attentive vine-growers like the Pisonis. The low yield per hectare helps to create an authentic wine for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Blend 100% Nosiola
Refinement 7-8 months in steel tanks
Bottle maturation 3-4 months
Look hay green
Smell apricot and elderberry
Taste bitterish, hazel and almond