Folada – Nosiola



Bottle 75 cl.

Nosiola is the variety that vine growers of Trentino are fondest of. Certainly because it is the only local white grape variety that is still cultivated, but also because – with its harsh nature, not easy to tame, but able to open and discover itself after some time, it simbolically encloses a side of the personality of the inhabitants of this farmland. In the mild and ventilated climate of Valle dei Laghi, Nosiola has found an ideal cultivation context, to the point that it has become a symbol of the material culture and the collective imaginary of this land.

Blend 100% Nosiola
Refinement 7-8 months in steel tanks
Bottle maturation 3-4 months
Look hay green
Smell apricot and elderberry
Taste bitterish, hazel and almond


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