Bottle 75 cl.

This vine arrived in 1894 from France and is one of the oldest in Europe. In Roman times it was known as Biturica. Cabernet Franc loves the hills and clayey ground and when blended with Cabernet Sauvignon it produces a very special wine.
Cabernet Franc has found a perfect habitat in the sunny Valle dei Laghi, which enjoys the breeze from Lake Garda. The Azienda Agricola Pisoni has been taking care of these vineyards for over 40 years to produce this excellent well structured wine aged in the cellar, but ready to continue its life in the bottle.

Blend 50% C. Franc, 50% C. Sauvignon
Refinement 1 year in wooden casks
Bottle maturation 6 months
Look deep red, ruby
Smell intense and spicy
Taste full, mellow