Vino Santo

Production of “Vino Santo” is strictly connected with the Mediterranean climate of Valle dei Laghi and the best areas are where Azienda Agricola Pisoni is situated – near Toblino’s Lake. This “passito” (raisin wine) -particular for its softness and sugar contents- is produced only with the typical VITIGNO of this area : Nosiola grapes. The ripe grapes are left to dry on racks for 6-7 months from October until Easter. During the Holy Week – from this the name “Vino Santo” Holy Wine – the grapes are pressed giving a particular sweet and thick must.

Uvaggio 100% Nosiola
Affinamento 6-8 years in steel tanks and wood barrels
Maturazione in bottiglia At least 1 year until some decennia
Colore Deep amber coloured with gold reflections
Profumo Deep, persistent, remembering exotic fruit
Sapore Soft, round, very harmonious, intensely structured for the grapes sugar gathered during the drying up period

bio Organic product